What Really Matters Is God

April 15, 2018

What Really Matters Is God

In life we become stressed. We get weighed down and scared and we feel like no matter how hard we try to do what seems right, we become overwhelmed and feel unfulfilled.

The problem, though, is that we often place far too much focus on doing all these good things and forget about God. We need to place our focus first on Him and then all these other things should be secondary. When our focus is wrong, it’s easy to then see why we feel unfulfilled and become stressed. Put God first and watch your stress melt away.

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Notable scriptures: Isaiah 41:10, 2 Samuel 22:3-4, Psalm 23:1-6, James 1:2-4, Matthew 6:25, Mark 13:32-42, Lamentations 3:17, 2 Peter 1:9, Deuteronomy 32:18

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