Things We Don’t Talk About: The Undisputed Truth

David Connolly
September 21, 2014

Things We Don’t Talk About: The Undisputed Truth

We have a problem inside and outside the church with morality. Truth has changed. What is acceptable to people has changed. Life can’t work without ethics but who’s ethics are we clinging to? Is it God’s ethics or is it our own? If everyone is clinging to their own ethics, their own truth, then who is right and who is wrong? Things become less about what’s right and more about what works for me. We begin to pick and choose what portions of God’s truth we want to hold on to and which parts we want to tear out. When we start ripping pages out of the Bible to qualify our preferences though, it breaks God’s heart. The truth will set us free, but if we aren’t holding on to the real truth then we will never be free.

Other notable verses: John 14:6, John 17:17, John 4:23, John 8:32

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