Evangelism Seminar – David Macfarlane

Evangelism Seminar – David Macfarlane

time 10:00 am

March 10, 2018

Energetic and Humorous Communicator of Hope

David Arrol Macfarlane is an ordinary guy who loves to do extraordinary things. He serves as a Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Evangelist, Comedy Entertainer and Non-fiction Author to individuals both young and old, from Non-profits to corporations.
As a Trainer, he inspires people to grow. As a Keynote Speaker, he motivates people for change.

As an Evangelist he helps people find faith in Christ. As a Comedy Entertainer, he makes people laugh. As a Non-fiction Author, he challenges people to Come Alive!
His calling in life, as a follower of Christ, is to serve people, give them recognition and provide
them opportunities for growth