Daniel Fast

Daniel Fast

time 12:00 am

March 12, 2018

Twenty Days of Prayer

It’s a time to come before God and spend time with Him. To pour ourselves out to Him more than ever before and take the time to listen to His voice. It is a time of growth and getting to know Him better. See, we all want to make a difference in life. We all want to be better than we are. But rarely do we take the steps to do so. We are always so busy running here and there, trying to balance home life and work. From Monday, March 12th to Sunday, April 1st we, as a church, will seek the face of God. Together we can do this. And I believe with all my heart that the time that we aside will not only be a defining moment within our lives, but in the life of our church.

I believe that we will look back and say “it was then”, “it was then when God spoke to my heart”, “it was then when I felt like I should step out of the boat and take on that new challenge” “it was then when God called me to be more – more for Him”.

And I pray that in your life that would be so true!

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