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When I die, and we all will (I’m not being morbid),  I want to be known as a man who knew Jesus. A man who walked with Jesus and focused on Him every day. And when my family writes something on my tombstone I want it to have something to do with Jesus. Something like: “Dave followed Jesus” or “He walked with Jesus” or “You win or lose by the way you choose” – no not that last one!

The problem is that there is nothing within me that can guarantee I will continue to follow Jesus all the days of my life. I’m not smart enough, self- disciplined enough or even holy enough to make it through life without getting distracted by selfishness and sin. I might try my best to be faithful to God and to do what’s right but I know I’m only human. I know I will fail.

Sometimes we think that our successes in life, our effort, our work and our ability is what is most important and is the end all be all. Those things are great but they aren’t enough to sustain us through the chaos and craziness of life. The love of God however is.

The only way we’re going to make it over the long haul is to do what seems so counter intuitive. We’ve got to : lean into Jesus and trust in Him in it and take the time to sit in His presence and truly know His great love that is extended to us everyday.

On the radio recently it was said if you didn’t spend some quality time with God today, God wants you to know you’re just too busy. I don’t want my life to be too busy for God. I don’t want to do the mundane and miss the extraordinary. We live in the in-between and we have choices to make every day as to what’s important. Leaning in, spending time and being loved by our Creator to the very end is what will keep us going.

So today, I simply want to remind you to spend some time praying for yourself and your relationship with Jesus Christ. Ask what the phrase “How it can be a bit better” means for you.

Bless ya!

P. Dave

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