What do you believe about prayer?

On a scale of 1 to 10 where are you when it comes to prayer?  With 10 being like the Sons of Thunder calling down fire from heaven and 1 being “well, I prayed once!”

So take that number and remember it for a second and then think about this – What would God say your number is?

Is your number lower than God’s? It probably is. And so I ask, why would your number be lower than God’s? You are a Son and a Daughter of Thunder, believe it or not! (No hammers, this is not Norse Mythology.)

I wonder how we measure our prayer life. We may ask ourselves:
· Did I pray loud enough?
· Was it clear enough?
· Was it long enough?
· Did I repeat myself over and over?
· Did I kneel long enough?

Please throw away your standards and know this – God is waiting for your prayer and there is no such thing as a bad prayer. Consider this, just like you put your child’s picture on the fridge so God is pleased with your prayer, no matter how you think you said it or how it sounded out loud.

God loves you more than anything else in the world and He desires to meet with you and spend time with you listening to all of your requests and needs.

And our prayers really make a difference. But far too often we quit or we say well; it must not be God’s will or this person doesn’t have enough faith to be healed or God no longer heals people. And of course the Bible DOESN’T SAY THAT. Unfortunately, that doesn’t prevent people from using the aforementioned to qualify God’s supposed not moving in their time. God will move in His right time, not ours.

Our relationship with God is the same as a father’s relationship with his child and when we pray God wants to give us whatever it is we ask for. However, please take note that:
· Some of the things we ask for simply are not good for us and He will never give some of them to us.
· Some of the things we ask for are good but we’re not quite ready for them so He will wait until we’re ready.
· Some of the things we ask for may be good but they don’t fit into the overall scheme of things for our life and God’s plan for it.
· And sometimes we pray and things don’t work out exactly the way we want.

In those moments, OUR FAITH HAS TO INFORM OUR MIND TO TRUST GOD. When we cannot understand the work of God, let us love Him so deeply and know His love so truly that we are willing to simply trust His love and wait for the understanding.

If you’ve been praying for a long time and you’ve been crying out to God and you haven’t been seeing anything know this: just because you’re not seeing anything, doesn’t mean God is not doing something. The first time you cried out to God He released His angelic beings and they’re doing spiritual warfare on your behalf in a way that you don’t even understand. You may not see anything in the physical but you have no idea what kind of battle is going on in the heavenly realms on your behalf.

The Kingdom of light will always overcome the kingdom of darkness.

So keep praying you Child of Thunder! Without a doubt, your prayers are some of the most powerful this side of heaven.

Bless ya!

Pastor Dave






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